Barham High School

Diligence and Integrity

Telephone03 5453 2322


Our Library is open school days from 8:30am-8:50am, Lunch and Recess.  

The Library has spaces for reading, study, small group meetings and class teaching. 

Resources within the library comprise of:

  • Physical: books in fiction, senior fiction, non fiction, reference, picture books and magazines
  • Digital: ePlatform to access ebooks and audiobooks (requires DET username and password)
  • Newspapers
  • Games
  • Laptops: for using in the library and borrowing
  • Desktop computers for use in the library
  • iPads for use in the library

The library also offers services for searching and researching information related to the student's curriculum needs, printing, referencing, and developing digital literacy. Speak to our friendly library staff for assistance.